Product Development

Letronics is the only resource you need for your product development requirements. We use the latest CAD platforms like Pro/Engineer and AutoCAD to speed your world class products to market. Our Industrial Designer will assist in the ergonomics and aesthetics of the final product. Our Engineering department will insure the final design is manufacturable. By integrating product development, prototype creation and manufacturing into one source, the time to market is drastically shortened.

We handle every step of new product introduction, from concept through the prototype and into production. With our broad understanding of available materials and manufacturing processes we are able to optimize every step to achieve a superior result.

Marketing Services

At Letronics, we effectively connect with consumers to build brand value and engagement that ultimately sparks sales. We utilize a variety of strategic solutions that can most effectively deliver an offer or message that induces the desired response. Below are some of our services.:

  • Brand Building
  • Promotional Advertising
  • Loyalty & Continuity Programs
  • Retail Merchandising Displays
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Care Services

Marketing can help define your identity, show your products in action, and add ambience and interest to your marketing material. Our style of photography will be consistent with your theme and support your brand. The ultimate goal of any image is to sell product! it’s the photos that grab attention – not the copy, headlines, or price. So the photo must represent the features and benefits of your product. If the photo image has your customer’s attention, the other elements will close the sale. We use lifestyle photography to present an attitude, an event, or a place in time, which can set you apart from the competition. Lifestyle photography can also create or depict a situation that describes a product’s benefit. Typically uses product-only shots but takes advantage of high-tech color backgrounds to support its cutting-edge merchandise. Direct: implementing a personal connection.

Direct marketing (dm) is the most personal of one-to-one communications and is also considered the largest category in the advertising world. We provide integrated research-driven offers that are crafted through concept, design and execution and then delivered to the well-defined targets’ mailbox, all to increase the likelihood of response and drive a specific action.

  • Creative and Design
  • Digital Printing
  • Database Management
  • Life cycle crm
  • Retailer-Specific/ co-op dm
  • Traffic-Driver/ Customer Solicitation

Customer care services: providing all inclusive, multiple channel, customer care

our customer care includes inbound and outbound customer service, sales, collections, and technical support using multiple channels, such as phone, email, and mail.

  • Inbound consumer sales
  • Inbound customer care
  • loyalty and retention programs
  • Email support
  • Quality assurance


Letronics gives you immediate access to business infrastructure capabilities and new strategic markets without the capital investment and time delays associated with the capital expense of in-house capability. As a virtual extension of your business, our solutions deliver a superior experience that allows your business to:

  • Increase sales
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
  • Focus on core capabilities
  • Scale resource management
  • Gain access to the latest technology fulfillment services
  •   Ecommerce fulfillment: turnkey, modular and scalable solutions

We manage ecommerce fulfillment with connectivity to a wide array of commodity and customized carts providing seamless and complete turnkey fulfillment solutions to provide a superior customer experience. Our goal is to consistently delight the consumer with exceptional service backed by effective systems and support personnel dedicated to being the best.

Warehouse and distribution: integrating warehouse and distribution services with transportation management.

When it comes to servicing the customers, accurate pick and pack and fast effective fulfillment is critical. We offer reliable on-time services to deliver your products to your customers. from the receiving dock, through pick and pack we offer complete warehouse and distribution services to maximize cost savings and provide you the most flexible distribution solutions in the industry.

Digital communication: customized client based, automated email communication 

We can tailor email correspondence on shipment confirmations, back-orders, returns and other transaction events to keep your customer apprised of the status of their order. We provide not only superior service to reduce your service costs but are committed to providing your customers the most up to date information.

Programming and integration: real time xml based connectivity, real time integration

With our expertise in xml communications we offer real time connectivity to a wide variety of shopping carts that are commodity based or proprietary designs. Our competent it staff can easily help enhance the customer experience with real time availability to inventory stock levels including estimated receipt of any back-ordered products. We offer order status, transaction processing for cancellations, change of address and customer care transactions for better service and reduced costs. Additionally, our systems are flexible and robust to handle a wide variety of promotional and operational metrics and our skilled it staff can help customize your solution.

Value added services: far beyond the receiving and storage of freight. 

Our value-added services are designed to meet your needs and can customize any service to fit your specific requirements. Providing services above and beyond warehouse and distribution, allows customers the opportunity to merge several activities at a single facility. Whether it is fully integrated (and often customized) edi for seamless and instant communication, pick to voice order selection for quality assurance, or scan check packaging for zero defect shipping, we offer a full array of support services to enhance our time tested foundation of service excellence.


  • Pick/Pack
  • Order assembly and fulfillment
  • Sku/ upc verification and application
  • Packaging and re-packaging
  • Sub-assembly
  • Quality control inspections
  • Pop display assembly
  • Kitting
  • Customer specific quality assurance/quality control
  • Product returns (reverse logistics)