Our Brands

Letronics, Inc. is a fast growing developer of professional and consumer products. Our brands are recognized for their compelling innovation, superior quality and outstanding performance. Our innovation never stops, so we look forward to your next visit to Letronics.com to see what’s new.

Clear & Wise

Comfortable and affordable over-the-counter hearing aids.  

Superior Sound OTC Hearing Aids

No Hassle Hearing aids

Achieve better hearing without breaking the bank. Clear & Wise uses the same technology as the top brands in hearing aids for the fraction of the price. 

No prescription required, great sound and a comfortable fit.  


Versatile Mobile Workstation.



The WiseLift Table’s unique space saving design is your personal area to comfortably work, eat or read. A fixed position table section features an oversized drink holder and 3 USB charging ports. Adjust the multi-use tray to infinite positions of height, tilt and swivel for your personal comfort. The low profile base nestles around a sofa, chair, or bed. The included wheels can be attached for easy maneuverability.


Clear & Steady

Lightweight Folding Walking Canes

Lightweight Folding Walking Canes

Made with an ergonomic grip, adjustable height, and slip resistant rubber tip.

Strong and sturdy design, and foldable for easy transportation.

Our Services

Letronics develops specialized marketing and operations solutions for Fortune 100 and global companies. From product development to supply chain integration, our teams’ unrelenting strategic focus on powerful brands, innovative products, operational excellence and exceptional people drives our culture.

Product Development

New product innovation is the lifeblood of business growth and longevity. Letronics performs every step of new product introduction, from concept through prototyping and into production. With our broad understanding of available materials and manufacturing processes, we optimize every step of development to achieve masterful results.

Marketing Services

Retail is changing. Our killer branding, packaging and display designs command attention. Letronics marketing services range from launch kits, to consumer loyalty programs.  We also offer MAP services, and dealer network management.   



With Letronics 3PL services, you’ll gain the speed and flexibility to respond to new challenges and opportunities without adding risk to your ongoing operations.  Our active management of supply chain activities maximizes customer value and assures our clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.